I am so amazed at how quickly time goes by.
This week is our time for making lots of lists, making our change of address, setting up utility service for our home, and finishing up our packing.

Our washer and dryer and fridge were ordered and set to be delivered next Monday and Tuesday, and the paint for the laundry room was finally decided upon. It takes me a long time to choose colors and even to design a room since there are so many details that get over looked and I must go back and look again and again at a room I’m working on.

Unfortunately I look at all the little details first which trips me up sometimes. In the end though, I think I do a pretty good job of bringing it all together.

I believe the hardest thing for my family is that they don’t see the end result that I have in my head. The fragments like paint on walls, new door knobs, curtains and blinds, light fixtures, face plates for the switches and sockets, trim color, hardware for cabinets, are all in pieces until everything comes together to create a very warm room.

It’s like that for everything I may design, so I have learned over the years to be very patient with my loved ones. LOL I remember sharing things with my kids in other places that we’ve lived so that they could be a part of what I was designing, and the first thing they would do is grimace…then smirk…and finally top it off with “NO MOM!!!!That is so tacky!”

But once they saw everything put together, it wasn’t tacky, scary or embarrassing. No, it finally felt like home to them. We are all very visual people in this family, so I try to give an example of something that was already created off the internet to show what the potential will be.

Sometimes it’s helpful to them and at other times there is still a mental block and they don’t see it. In the final analysis it just comes down to trust.

We sat down a few days ago to talk about what rooms would be done first, and try to get a handle on the enormity of all that has to be done in the house to make it comfortable for us. I began to spout off all the things that were a priority and Dom just kept writing the list.

It was quite exhausting and fun at the same time. Dom is very easy when it comes to designing things. His input is “wow, yeah that’s nice.”