We moved into our home a week ago and we have been very busy painting and repairing.
We haven’t properly unpacked any of our things since we still need to paint and carpet the bedrooms.

The weather during our move was brutal, and making matters worse was the fact that swamp cooler couldn’t keep up with the heat.

The swamp cooler is a horrid contraption making our home humid, moist and WARM.

It has been very uncomfortable here trying to get things done in that kind of soupy condition.

We were able to complete one tiny little room, which was actually a huge project.  What should have only taken a day or two at most, turned into a five day project from start to finish.

We needed to pull out the bottom cabinets, repair the floor, patch some big holes in the walls, replace the bottom trim around the walls since most of it was missing due to the cabinets and finally paint. The next problem was the plywood cabinets and cabinet doors. This is basically wood with a thin layer of polyurethane on it, and after they were sanded down and I began to paint them, the wood just kept soaking up paint. Layer upon layer of primer was applied and it just seemed like the wood would not stop sucking up the paint.

Next were the issues with humidity. In our house because of the swamp cooler, the humidity level is right around 95%. It’s so damp in the house that the paint wouldn’t dry fast enough, and the waiting time just seem to drag on.

All in all, I think the room turned out well. Below is a before and after picture of office.

We were going to completely replace the floor in office since the base cabinets were just sitting on bare concrete and there were missing tiles, but after going to Home Depot, Dom was able to find the matching tiles and ended up filling in what wasn’t there.

At first I really didn’t like the floor at all, but after it was scrubbed down, the true color of the tiles showed through and we realized that the floor actually complements the room well. We still need to get all the wires under control and better organized and finish up a few other little things that haven’t gotten done in the room, but basically the room is finished.

The next room I’ll be working on is the laundry room. Noah will be watching Simone for me during the day so I can get some work done. I really couldn’t ask for a better son…we are so blessed. He brings a certain pizazz to the home with his teenage antics, funny comeback lines and awesome outlook on life and family. I truly adore him.

Here are more photos of our progress: