“Jerry-rigged” From the Merriam-Webster online dictionary

Main Entry: jer·ry–rigged
Pronunciation: \ˈjer-ē-ˌrigd\
Function: adjective
Etymology: probably blend of jerry-built and jury-rigged
Date: 1959

: organized or constructed in a crude or improvised manner

The photo on the left is what I found in the master bathroom after removing face plate.

There is no electrical box to house the wires and there’s a simple piece of wood screwed into the backside of the drywall to attach everything.

This is a prime example of something being jerry-rigged. That picture was taken with a flash so you can’t see the nauseating yellow walls and ceiling.

I do have a photo in the yellow’s natural state, and I can honestly say that my stomach was turning while I was painting the ceiling.

Now, I have a few herniated discs and one blown disc in my neck, so looking up to paint the ceiling really hurts and makes me quite nauseous, but the yellow paint on the walls just aggravated my problem even more!

I finally got done painting the ceiling yesterday, and today I’ll be working on the blue walls, banishing this yellow back to hell where it belongs! Our room, the hallway, kitchen, dining room, guest bedroom, Noah’s room, sun porch, and our two bathrooms all have this same putrid color. .

I took some pictures a few days ago…here is what the bathroom looked like without the flash and also when the orange light is turned on: