How awesome it is to have real air conditioning again. On the first day they were here, they needed to take out the swamp cooler and do some work up in the attic, which meant being without any type of cooling other than fans for the next few days.
While we were very hot and uncomfortable, it was well worth the wait! Our house is cooling down right now and we are starting to feel more comfortable. It’s been about a year and a half since I had proper air conditioning, and now everyone in the house just sits and smiles at each other, taking in a huge sigh of relief as we cool down. The weather here has been very humid which makes the temperature outside feel like its 100 degrees, and it was no better in the house.

The company we chose to do our refrigerated air conversion was Custom-Air, Inc. We had quotes from other companies, but they wanted to charge way more and also include unnecessary features. When Rick (co-owner of Custom-Air) came out to do the estimate, I cringed all the way through the estimate, wondering if he was going to over charge for installation. He gave us a ball park figure, went back to his office and within the next day emailed me a quote. I smiled and felt relieved, especially since one of the other companies wanted to actually charge over $10,000 for their bottom of the barrel refrigerated air units as well as the “work” they were going to have to do to make the conversion happen.

This house was once cooled with refrigerated air, so all the registers and the power needed for the unit were all ready in place. We were going to also need new vents put into our new living room, which was converted from a garage into a day care center by the previous owners. They never put air conditioning in that room, and quite frankly, I’m wondering how uncomfortable those little children must have been during the hot days of summer.

One of the things that impressed me most about Custom-Air is that they are owner operators. Dave (co-owner) was on the job with Antonio, making the magic happen. Oh, believe me…they are the magic men! LOL Both Dave and Antonio were extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend them if you ever need work done.

The system they installed was a Rheem five ton heating and cooling unit.  While we didn’t have them hook up the gas line to the the unit right now, we like that we do have that option in the future as a back up method, should something happen to our furnace before we get it converted over to solar heating.

Here are some more photos of the process: