At last, the laundry room is finished. It feels good to have two rooms completed, and now we are on the hunt for some decorating elements to really make the room shine. For me it takes time to find the right objects to dress the room. I can’t just hang a picture and be done with it…no, unfortunately I obsess about what is missing from a design aspect, and then go blank, making the situation worse for myself. You may be thinking, “Uh? So what! Its just a laundry room”, but for me, regardless of what room it is, I need it to feel like home.
Next year we will be replacing the doors and repairing the floor. Both are functional right now, just not as pretty as I would like. We wouldn’t even attempt to paint the existing doors in the laundry room (or anywhere else in the house) because of the super high gloss that is on the doors. It doesn’t make sense for us to spend hours gumming up the sander just to get a surface that is paintable since we hate the doors anyway and we want six panel doors instead.

Of course this room took longer than it should have also, but that’s ok because it was worth it. The washer and dryer we have was purchased from Sears and it works beautifully. The problem with the dryer, however, was that when we purchased it, they didn’t tell us that we needed to purchase the PLUG to actually hook the damn thing up! So we just took the plug off of the old dryer and used that instead.

The utility sink was a pain in the ass as well. We couldn’t get the proper legs needed for a sink we brought with us when we moved in, so Dom went and got a utility sink kit that had everything needed…legs, fittings, faucet. If we put this thing outside, I can guarantee it would blow away at the lightest breeze. Dom will be attaching it to the concrete floor this weekend to prevent it from shifting. If you touch this thing, it moves.

Here is a before and after picture of the room. The photo on the left is of the previous owner: