After two and a half months of what seemed like endless work, we’re taking a week or maybe even two weeks to recover from our work.
The house is coming together and it feels so good to walk through all the areas we’ve completed.

So far we’ve finished the office, master bedroom and master bathroom, the laundry room, dining room, Noah’s room, Simmi’s room and the long ass hallway.

The last 24 hours before the carpet was to be installed was probably the most grueling ever.

I didn’t want to put drop cloth down and possibly get paint on our new carpet so we worked from morning till into the night trying to finish up the hallway, Simmi’s room and Noah’s room.

This was no easy task since Dom also had to rip up all the carpet to prepare for installation.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no centipedes, scorpions or other creepy things alive or dead under the carpeting.

Our bodies were achy, I felt like I was going to just collapse from exhaustion and my stomach was in knots all day from the stress I put myself under trying to get it all done, but in the end it was well worth the effort.

There were a few things that we couldn’t finish on Sunday night, so we got up early on Monday morning to finish painting.

The carpet installers came Monday morning at 9:00am and didn’t finish up until 4:00pm.

Almost 1,000 square feet of carpet was installed, and they were considerably under some stress themselves when they realized that the moron who came to measure the carpet only allowed for the EXACT square footage.

Carpeting needs to be cut bigger than the actual square footage of a room, and when the installers cut all the pieces for each room, they came up SHORT!

Now, its not like they could have called the carpet company and had them cut more…this was a special order carpet that takes three weeks to get, as well as needing a particular dye lot number.

Nice right? They thought they would have to sacrifice a large portion of the hallway in order to cover the dining room, but in the end there was only a small section of the hallway that ended up not covered.

About a week ago we built a wall at the entrance of the long hallway and we plan on installing a door. This will reduce the noise level from the kitchen and family room as well as add a much needed linen closet to the hallway. Anyway, the area that is missing carpet is actually where the linen closet will be, so it was no big whoop that no carpet exists there.

The house was buzzing with activity everywhere that day! Carpet guys were doing their thing, Simmi was penned into one small area of the family room all day without any down time, Dom was trying to problem solve with the carpet guys about how best to approach the carpet shortage while holding a screaming toddler, a Champion window sales rep came also to discuss with us some window options for the kitchen, and a Champion window installer came to repair the window in the master bedroom!

It was pure craziness. I thought my head was going to explode. Granted, it probably wasn’t the best time for me to schedule the window people to come on the same day as the carpet people, but I never took into account the fact that Simmi would be screaming and clearly upset throughout the day.

It was a lot for her to handle. It was more than I could handle! LOL

The rooms that still need to be done are the kitchen, family room, guest room,  a small bonus room, and two bathrooms.

The bathrooms we can live with for the time being, but everything else really needs to be done. There are only so many weeks that I will be able to look our unfinished walls in the family room and an incomplete kitchen!

These next two weeks will be our time for prioritizing the next big jobs to be done, not to mention how we’ll add the finishing touches to each room. We need art work to grace the walls, window treatments to dress the windows, new fabric for our dining room chairs (and to refinish our dining table), and all those finishing touches that seem to help turn a house into a home.

Here are a few before and after photos…I’ll be adding more as time goes by and I’m more rested.