I had this really nice but cheap camera that I used to make videos with, and a few of my kids kept dropping the camera which really messed up the video quality. So for my birthday about two weeks ago, Dom and Noah got me a Canon with this awesome zoom and HD quality camera. I was in heaven after looking at the footage we filmed. The image is very clear and we can zoom in…wayyyy in on lots of things. With the Canon we can even get great quality photos of Simone which isn’t always possible since she is constantly moving, but the new Canon has captured so many moving photos of her that aren’t a blurry mess.
Anyway, I finally got around to creating a youtube account for the High Desert Chronicles, and now we can move forward uploading videos onto youtube. As I type this, I’m actually uploading a few videos onto youtube which is taking FOREVER since it is HD quality. I still haven’t figured out how to edit or combine the three short videos into one, so I just made them a three part short series on building an A frame for land plotting. The video was shot by Noah on November 14th, and we’ll continue the series with the actual plotting of the land. Dom has already gotten about two rows of contouring done in the chicken pasture, and I’m hoping to get out there today to film his continuation of plotting the land so I can upload it and finally post it all.

On another note, Geoff Lawton’s new DVD “Permaculture Soils” arrived a few days ago, and I loved the whole thing. Dom and I will be watching it again today! LOL I love how Geoff composts and how beautifully simple he makes the world soil seem. I would definitely recommend this video…its a keeper.

A parting side by side shot at how awesome the zoom on the camera is; these side by side photos were taken from the same location…my front porch. We live in front of a grave yard, and while others might be spooked by something like this, we actually enjoy how quiet our neighbors are! LOL

Here is the photo that is to the right, since it still looks so far away: