This past Sunday we had a special Passover-Easter brunch.
On the menu was matzo ball soup, Brisket with mushrooms and onions, Kasha with bowtie pasta, a nice Jewish sweet wine, and some tried and true matzo crackers.

Unfortunately I’ll have to be secretive with my favorite foods, but somethings are so intimate that I can’t blab them out!

I hope you all understand. LOL

Anyway, we had a great brunch which was more like eating a dinner at 10:00am, but I didn’t hear any complaints.

Earthworks commenced in our chicken pasture after brunch was over, and the following family members were involved in making the first part of our chicken pasture come to life:

My dad went out into the chicken pasture and observed the huge dead tree, pushed on it and proceeded to say “Hey!…its just like a loose tooth, lets just pull it out.” LOL

Sometimes I swear I feel part hillbilly! Dom was on-board with the plan to pull the “tree tooth” out of the earth, so my dad pulled my truck up to the tree, Dom tied a rope around the sucker and my dad started driving.

In less than four seconds the tree hit the ground faster than a belligerent drunk getting tazed by a pissed off cop on a Saturday night.

After the tree was down, it was dragged over to a new location in the chicken pasture where it will be chopped up and be given a proper burial and added to the base of the earthworks for water retention.

Next, Vicki and Dom were hard at work digging the first basin for our fruit trees and blueberry bushes. Noah was hard at work following Simmi around until he and Vicki played tag team and Vicki watched over Simmi.

Gina was on the porch painting our outdoor table and chair set, and my dad was taking pictures and adding a little light humor to the day’s events. I was busy taking pictures and also taking the time to draw out the plan for what will be planted in this particular basin.

Here are a few photos of the day’s events:

A few things that were planted over a month ago:

Our broccoli is coming up beautifully in our mini garden located right outside our front porch.

Red cabbage, marigolds and rosemary

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

365 days of planting: Day 5

Today I planted another pear and peach tree and also three blueberry bushes. Along the wall I sowed a bunch of Cypress Vine. I wonder what I’ll plant tomorrow?!