This past Sunday Dom took over the kitchen and made a great brunch for us.
I had a front row seat that morning watching my hunny do his thang!

I love watching him cook and I’m always amazed at how he can talk AND cook at the same time.

I don’t possess that kind of talent. I have to stay focused on what I’m doing or I’ll burn food, mess up the timing of the meal or worse…go insane!

I can handle very light mindless conversation or even singing stupid songs, but Dom can have an in depth conversation while making gourmet food.

It’s the teacher in him that makes that possible. Back when we used to own a gourmet raw food business, he used to also teach groups of people how to make gourmet raw food.

I am always awed by how he can do that. I’m an introvert and can’t stand being in that position. Anyway, brunch was awesome, our work day was successful and another dead tree came down.

Dom was busy hacking away with an axe, my dad would get in my truck after Dom would tether the rope and chain to the truck, and my dad would start driving. As I’ve said in other posts, I feel part hillbilly sometimes!

The tree came down after hacking and sawing, and I just sat on the porch watching Dom hack away.

Are you diggin the sweater that my dad is wearing? ——————————>

OMG, I thought that was the funniest thing ever!

That sweater was banished by me last winter when Dom attempted to wear it to work.

Some how it was still in circulation, and since it was so cold on Sunday, Dom gave it to my dad to wear outside.

That sweater was given to Dom when he first moved out here, and while it is very warm, I think its the dorkiest thing EVER!

It’s so dorky that my dad didn’t even try to steal it that day. I kind of wished he had, then I wouldn’t have to guard the door and make sure Dom doesn’t try to wear it out of the house. I don’t mind the sweater as a bum around item, but just don’t go to work in it…or out to the store…or anywhere OFF our property. LOL

Everyone was hard at work moving left over junk from the back of the property to the front. Some were moving junk, others were hauling dirt.

We were trying to get the ground ready for the 35+ tons of gravel that would be coming. The parking area needed to be graded and level, as well as the drive way. This past Monday the gravel came, and with it the daunting task of getting it shoveled into place.

I do NOT like hauling gravel, I can tell you that much. Not many people do. Everyone has been awesome pitching in to get the gravel laid. Dom, Vicki, Noah, my Dad and I have all been hauling gravel for the last three days now.

Simmi has been in her glory. She absolutely loves rocks and is always picking them up and putting them in her pockets.

Well, when the gravel arrived on Monday, her eyes grew large, and she started squealing with excitement as the big “fuck” (truck) dumped a load of rock.

It took three big dump trucks to get our full order met, and with each truck load Simmi would scream “fuckin rocks! Yea!” (truck and rocks).

I love when she says “truck” her way, and we come up with some pretty ingenious ways of using the word truck for her to repeat. LOL

Here are some more photos of Sunday and also the progression of our gravel work…we have a few more days I think until all the gravel is laid:

Dom setting the stump on fire to burn it down. Unfortunately it will probably take a few days of monitored burning to get it level with the ground.

Here are some photos of our gravel work:

This last photo is of our pear tree which is finally in recovery after the worst shock I think I’ve ever seen from a fruit tree.

All the other fruit trees transitioned well with minimal shock, but this particular pear tree had it rough.

I didn’t think it would make it, but it did. It perked up yesterday and finally looks mildly happy. The other trees and bushes are doing well, although our Oleander is looking pretty sad. I think it too is going through some major shock. With the huge winds we’ve had as well as big dips in temperature, I can understand why it would be in shock right now.

I made a personal commitment to 365 days of planting, but I’ve come to realize that the weather, mulch and top soil distributors and my own bones and muscles are having a hard time with this commitment.

Lets start with the weather…frosts. How about the distributors? Well, they messed up our order which was supposed to be delivered on Saturday, so no top soil or mulch to plant with. And my muscles and bones? They are KILLING me right now with all the gravel work. Are these excuses? NOPE. Just reality. So to get me back on track with my 365 days of planting, once the top soil and mulch comes, I’ll make sure to plant one thing for each day that I’ve missed. I must say that even though I didn’t plant outside, I did start rooting things inside, and if that counts for anything, here are the things I’ve been rooting over the last several days:

  • six avocado pits in water
  • cuttings from my mint (all have rooted in the last two days)
  • set out one massive potato to start budding
  • a whole pot of garbanzo beans have been sprouted
  • white beans sprouting
  • nursing a strawberry plant my dad gave me back to health after it was bit by frost…it’s sitting on my sink trying to perk up. I think its going to make it back to life.