Ok I wrote a post I think last week talking about how my computer was going crazy and that I was having trouble getting online.
I think I also recall talking about how we wanted to wait till AFTER the duck pond was built to invest in a new computer? Hmm?

Well I’ve had to eat my words this past week. LOL I’ve known my computer has a virus, and if I could compare it to an STD, I’d say it has “himpes” not herpes.

I actually have been saying that all week. My computer is a slut and has himpes. I don’t know why I like to amuse myself with such stupid humor, but its true. This past Saturday night it started acting up and then on Sunday morning POOF! All gone, no more access, AND I was locked out of the damn thing.

I couldn’t even get it booted up. We knew I couldn’t be without a computer so we ordered one from the Apple Store. We got an IMac and it just came today… I feel like a little girl not knowing what to do.

Now I’m learning how to navigate through this thing to see what it can do. I’m having a lot of fun and at the same time I’m terrified I’ll mess the computer up. I think it will just take a little time for us to get used to each other.

I have been dying to get online. I don’t know why, but usually I stay so busy throughout the day that I really don’t have time for the computer…but I guess not having one to actually go on made me think of what I ‘might’ be missing. LOL After not having any access for the last five days, I’d say I was missing NOTHING!

Yes, I could have probably borrowed my son’s computer, but computers are so personal that I couldn’t even bring myself to ask. We have been so busy planting and digging swales and berms, that the time has just flown by.

I’ll update with some photos that I took this week. I need to get my camera software onto the computer first.

What have I planted all week?

  • 8 Armenian cucumber starts (still have another 8 bush cucumber to plant)
  • 4 pumpkin starts (still have another 4 to plant)
  • 16 Mammoth Sunflower
  • 30 various pepper starts, Ancho, Sweet Italian, Yellow, Red
  • 20 Yard long bean
  • 8 French Lavender
  • Pomegranate shrub in honor of Gina for her birthday.

Everything that I’ve planted has been done over the last week and a half. I’m currently prepping the artichoke berm and getting it ready to plant 18 strawberries vertically along the berm. Today was extremely hot with the temperature in the 90’s so I cut my prep time off and I’ll continue tomorrow morning when it’s nice and cool out.

My dad has a Mac so he’ll be coming over on Sunday to show me what my computer can do.