Who is the magic man? Well, in real life he doesn’t look like a magic man…more like a very dark Mr. Clean. I know that doesn’t explain who the magic man is right? He’s the man that makes all our gravel, mulch and top soil APPEAR! Poof!! like magic, it was supposed to be here last Saturday. But the magic man seems to have something up his sleeve, because we STILL haven’t received our mulch and soil.
It all boils down to poor management skills. First he never let us know that the prices on gravel changed. He hooked us in with his smooth talking slight of hand by saying “Oh I’m sorry…I miss calculated the cost of the gravel and I didn’t charge you enough money. When you send me another check for the missing amount, I’ll have the guys deliver the rest of the order.” HMMM? Sounds fishy right? Sounds like he was trying to pull a fast one right?! Well, we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, since when we added all the numbers up we were still getting a great deal, and we went ahead with sending the rest of the money. We should have known he wasn’t going to come through for us. He calls and apologizes for the mix up and states that the mulch and soil will be here the very next day, and being the smooth talker that he was, he also added that because of the inconvenience he would throw in some trees for free. We still haven’t taken him up on that offer. Anyway, that was on Monday and STILL NO MULCH AND SOIL. Its not like we ordered some small insignificant amount. With all the tons of material we ordered, it could equal a small herd of elephants. See why I call him the magic man? He emailed yesterday to say that everything should be here by 8:30am Friday morning. So far he has pushed the dates a few times. First it was Tuesday, then Thursday and now Friday. Wait! Today is Friday isn’t it? Gee!! I wonder if the magic man will make our order appear? I can tell you this much…we will never order from him again.

If he would have pulled through for us and honored the amount that he quoted and we paid for, I would have written a blog and promoted his business. That ain’t happening now though.

365 Days of Planting: Day Fifteen (yesterday)

More avocados started in water.

I hope the soil and mulch arrives today so I can get back on track…today is Day Sixteen.


Amazingly at 8:35am this morning our mulch and soil arrived! Yeah Baby! We got the receipt for our order only to be pleasantly surprised that the company that delivered it is a permaculture company. I was so excited to know that my top soil was made lovingly by these people. The magic man also charges way more than the company that delivered it too! I had no idea that this con man made $25 per ton on the mulch and lets not get started on how much he made just by making a few phone calls to these companies! We’ll go directly to the sources next time, and that’s how you make the magic man…disappear! LOL POOF!