A few days ago, Noah helped me plant peppers in the small berms around the apple and plum trees. He said that he really enjoys gardening. Big surprise…he doesn’t like digging or hauling gravel and rocks.  Only Dom seems to enjoy that activity.
Anyway, the photos of him planting were stored on my camera and uploaded onto my new computer. I purchased a hard drive to save all the photos I had accumulated (over 7700 photos stored on my other computer) and EVERY single photo was corrupted by himpes! I found out the hard way when my dad asked me to send him the original high def picture I took of him. When I went to retrieve it off the hard drive it was all GREEN! Every photo on there is ruined. It would be like if you had one precious photo album that you guarded with your life and someone came along and threw it into a tub of hot water. The colors would run and everything would be a big mess. That’s what happened to my brand new external hard drive. After I saw all that happen, I just accumulated some photos on the camera and then transferred them over to the new computer. Thank god it worked. Now I just need to learn how to work the editing program I have. At this very moment I am actually restoring everything (4.83 GB of files hopefully all the photos) I had backed up on Mozy to the new computer. I had completely forgotten that I had Mozy. Mozy is an online server that backs up all your files to a secure location. Its like a virtual hard drive. I started using Mozy two years ago and while there is a monthly fee for using the service, it runs in the background and you just forget that it is even there…that’s how quiet it is. I hope everything will transfer over and maybe this whole nightmarish event will be over.

Since Noah loves reggae, and since we had green, yellow and red peppers to plant, he decided to alternate the colors of the peppers in order to create the Rasta flag colors of red, green and yellow. One problem existed though after planting ‘Rasta Row’…the colors are not supposed to be red, green and yellow, they are supposed to be green, yellow and red. Oh well, we’ll still call the area Rasta Row.  I had a good time with him planting.

Here are more photos of him planting:

He’s such a good lookin boy! Well, not quite a boy anymore…more like a very handsome young man.

Yesterday it was very hot so all I really got done was watering. I did not plant anything yesterday. We’re getting really excited about our Magpie ducklings which are supposed to arrive at the post office either on June 9th or 10th. It will be just in time for Simmi’s birthday. Simmi is turning 4 years old this year.