Our broccoli showed up a few days ago and it is just too cute! Today it was large enough for us to take photos and also for Simmi to see it for herself. I said to her, “Look Simmi!” and she said “BROCKA!” too cute!

These two little plots are directly in front of our mini garden. Pumpkin, yard long beans and sunflowers are planted in each of these little sections.

I’m fascinated by how I can plant the same exact beans, sunflowers and pumpkin, give them the same exact amount of water, they get the same amount of sun and yet one plot is growing bigger than the other.

Brussels sprouts are growing large and ready to get their stalks soon!

Our mint is getting ready to take over the world. LOL No matter how much I take off the top, it just keeps growing.

Armenian cucumber getting ready to stretch out. I wanted to see how well it does with half day shade, and so far the cucumber plant is far less stressed than the others I have planted in an area that gets full sun all day.

This was one of the very first Early girl tomato now getting some nice fruit. Our red cabbage is also doing very well and getting quite large.

This red cabbage is our largest yet. I believe that the reason it is growing so large, healthy and beautiful has to do with the companion planting of having Rosemary planted very close.

A front shot of two tomato plants, rosemary, marigold and red cabbage.

Some chili turning red.

Japanese eggplant flowering.

Garbanzo beans are getting ready to flower.

I love coming out each morning and seeing the zucchini blossoms open. I took all these photos this evening so the blossoms were closed.

The sunflowers are getting big and our Jerusalem artichokes are doing really well!

Isn’t it strange how in the first photo of the sunflowers and Jerusalem artichokes, the sunflower was bigger? In this little plot the Jerusalem artichoke is bigger.

A tree painted by my daughter Gina. I added blue tones and blacks to the painting, so it ended up becoming a collaboration of sorts. I was going to continue to paint, but I’m going to leave it and install the table. This is going to be a garden work table area.

The beginning of the tree coming to life.

Top left, new yard long beans popping up, top center…Armenian cucumbers, bottom center artichoke.

It was breezy as I took these photos tonight, and I’m surprised I got such a good photo of our dill. Our dill, cilantro and basil all bolted early due to the very high heat. I’m letting it go to seed, fall, and lets see what happens!

Another sneak peek at an early girl tomato. I can’t wait to eat you! Wait…that sounded naughty didn’t it? LOL

Oregano is getting bigger. It was a slow go at first, but as I’ve used it in some of my cooking, it tastes so good. The more you use, the more it grows.

All our ducklings and chicks are doing great. I am a little concerned for one of our chicks I have come to call “Pinky” due to the fact that both middle toes on this chick are pink colored. I think he/she is ok…we are keeping an eye on him/her. I’m not sure yet whether its a rooster or chicken yet. I do however have an idea which ducklings will be drakes and which will be ducks. They are so sweet! I love it when I call out to them “come, come come!!!!” and they all come running to me. I equally love it when Simmi is out and she wants to see them go nuts, so I will say to them “run, run, run!!!!” and they take off speeding around the baby pool like they were in a race. They are getting to know each of us which is really good. I need them to know my voice, when to come and when to run. I practice it a lot with them. I love it when I’m cleaning out their brooder and everything is all soft, warm, dry and cozy and they come over and peek up at me as they tilt their heads to the side. They are far less scared of me than over the last few days which is also great. I think we’ll be able to take them outside in a week. I need to keep working on my commands with them first.