Betty Complex, our Black Sex Link chick that is at most maybe four weeks old, has become mother hen to the new Ameracaunas.
As you can see to the left, both chicks have tucked themselves up under Betty Complex.

I noticed earlier in the day that she was extending her wings while laying down and I thought maybe, just maybe her instinct was taking over and she was inviting the young chicks over to rest under her wings.

Yup! It happened tonight. We brought the chicks in today since it was over 100 degrees again, but then the new chicks had to contend with the air conditioning.

They did very well in the brooder, but we found out that by the end of the night, no brooder is necessary when we have a young female affectionate enough to warm chicks that don’t even belong to her.

Betty Complex isn’t much bigger than the Ameracaunas, but she has settled into her new role as “mother hen” rather quickly. She is an excellent companion for them.

Vicki gave Betty Complex the title “15 and Pregnant”. I blurted out “I swear I’m a virgin, I don’t know where these babies came from!” Looking at Betty Complex does seem like some bizarre After School TV Special. LOL It just looks so strange to see a young chick taking responsibility so young.

Well, I’m not going to complain about it that’s for sure…its just super sweet to see. Yesterday when my dad brought the chicks here, Betty Complex was up on the rim of the duck pool.

Ya think she was contemplating her future without Pinkie? Ya think she was thinking of joining her in the afterlife, or was Betty Complex really starting to get confused about whether she was a duck or a chick?

In the video we took of her she was peeping so loud for the ducks that I think it is possible we might have lost Betty Complex in the next few days due to another drowning incident. From now on, no chicks in the duck pen!

I’m really glad that we got the ducks first before getting a large number of chicks. Ducks are really GROSS and at the same time the cutest things ever. They can’t help it if they seem to be pooping 24/7.  They are growing rapidly, eat over two pounds of feed per day and drink almost 4 1/2 gallons of water per day.

I’m talking about putting them to bed at night and when I take them out in the morning, their waterer is almost empty. The waterer is a three gallon capacity. My estimations on how much water they drink may be a bit low since during the day half the water is gone from the waterer AND they have been in the pool drinking that water as well. Anyway, as I was saying, I’m glad we got the ducks first.

Chicks are way easier to care for, grow at a slower rate, are more calm, and generally are not such gross little creatures. They definitely don’t stink up the pen or eat like it was their last meal. If we would have gotten all the chicks (the minimum order is 25 for the breed we want) and THEN gotten the ducks, I would have pulled my hair out! I’m glad it happened this way.

I love our ducks and it has given me the ultimate courage to take on any other kind of animal (big or small), single or herd. I’ve had to take care of 500 head of dairy cows everyday, so I’m not sure why I thought it would be super difficult to care for multiple flocks of animals. I guess I just didn’t want to over commit before I had a chance to settle into a new routine with each kind of animal we have here.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be working on the pond and hopefully we’ll get it filled by August. The duck house will be made after the pond is filled. We don’t plan on letting the ducks into the pond until all the aquatic plants are somewhat established, the bog system is working properly and the pond is stocked with some fish. All this takes time. No point in rushing through and doing a piss poor mediocre job! I want it done right and with excellence, especially since the pond will be gracing the front of our home.

Well, its 5:38am and the sun is just starting to create a pink blush in sky…its time to go and water everything.

Thanks for Reading!