In my last post I mentioned how we lost one of our chicks to a drowning incident…well, this morning bright and early, my dad showed up with replacement Pinkies. Ok, so they aren’t black sex link and they don’t have a pink middle toe, but they are the CUTEST little things ever! The breed is called Ameraucana and they known for their blue eggs. These little cuties took to us right away and didn’t mind being handled. We named the “unnamed chick” (Pinkie’s best mate) Betty Complex. LOL The name Betty Complex comes from a time when my oldest daughter Gina was only about 7 years old. She loved to name all her dolls Betty, and one day she called a barbie “Betty Complex.” I guess while I was looking at the black chick and how she was frantic and freaked out being separated from the ducklings, I thought Betty Complex was a good name for her. I think Betty doesn’t know who she is and at the same time I think she felt secure being with the ducks. Right now we put her in the brooding pen with the Ameraucanas and as I type this, I can hear Betty crying out for the ducks.
Here are more photos of the chicks:

Here is the video: