Happy Father’s Day! I must say that Sunday was probably one of the strangest days I’ve ever encountered.
Dom was hell bent on getting the food all prepared and setting up a make shift grill in front of our house, my dad was busy painting our shed, and I was in the house trying to keep up with Dom’s breakneck kitchen speed.

In between that and watering everything outside, we had the crazy task of cleaning out and scrubbing the duck pen.

The ODOR that was coming from under the straw was diabolical. LOL We got the ducks and chicks all wrangled up and put into a smaller pool, and then took that nasty ass pool outside to  be cleaned.

Raunchy comes to mind when I think of that smell! Anyway, we got the pen cleaned out, fresh water and food given and started on the next tasks…cleaning the kitchen.

The day continued to get stranger as morning became afternoon. There were a few arguments with my children, some horrid yelling on my part, a toddler disaster, some very hurt feelings and a number of ridiculous things said to me that day. Again, I say it was the strangest day ever.

On Saturday, we went to pick up the fig trees to do a planting for Father’s day, and the man we’ll be getting our fig trees from leaves a message while we are on our way to Albuquerque to pick them up and he says that he is ill and won’t be able to meet with us. GRRR! So we decided to go to the local nurseries to find some figs instead, and all of the places we went to the trees were either too expensive or too small AND expensive. We came back from Albuquerque empty handed, but we will get to plant the trees soon and we’ll do a dedication at that time. While we were gone, Dom was busy with Simmi at home.

Because of the “toddler disaster” on Sunday, the rest of the day was a bust. I can’t get into what the disaster was, but I can say it was quite gross!

I wish I had better control over some of the things that happened on Father’s Day, and that I could have made the day go much more smoothly, but alas, it is what it is I guess.

Dad, thank you for being an encouragement to us and for helping us out here with the things that need to be done. Thank you for all the love you show to your grand children and great grandchild, and for your creative ideas.We love you and appreciate you.

Dom, thank you for being such an awesome father and friend. I love you with all that is in me. Thank you for how you care for each of our children.

Thank you also for being honest, forthright, loving and just plain awesome. You never cease to amaze me with the love and compassion you show not only to me, but our whole family.

I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Your pure heart and gentle ways keeps me balanced when things go nuts around here. Thank you for being a strong example of what a loving, nurturing, caring, kind and considerate man is.

Thank you for leading by example when it comes to making decisions and for showing wisdom beyond your years.

There truly is none like you in all the world!

I also thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made for us by working two jobs in order for me to be able to stay at home with Simmi so we can give her the quality of life she needs and deserves.

It’s not easy caring for a special needs toddler, and I really love how you accept and appreciate Simmi for who she is.

She is so precious, and even though she has been giving you HELL these last few days, your strong and gentle hands and voice will lead her back to where she can feel secure and in control. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you are…Happy Father’s Day my Love!

We also are in the process of moving the ducklings and chicks out into the back courtyard until their permanent home is built, the pond is ready and new trees and grass are growing.

Today Dom was working on building their temporary house, and I’m just about ready to go out and try to finish it up.

Its been a long and every entertaining day having the ducklings and chicks outside swimming in the water, scurrying around the patio and hiding under some wood for shade. I think they are really enjoying being outdoors.

Here are a few photos of us putting them outside today. When I have time later, I’ll upload the videos we took of them and add them as well: