UPDATE: I emailed Hotfrog to register a complaint and it looks like they removed the information. Thank you Hotfrog for promptly removing the listing…I hope it doesn’t show up again!

WHAT…THE HELL???…IS THIS? Can someone please explain why we/High Desert Chronicles is listed with these phone numbers and states that we live in Sierra, NM? Yet there is a PO box in ABQ? All of this is totally false! We live in Los Lunas, so for any of our readers, please discard any information Hotfrog may have about us. It is WRONG! I hate that shit. I can’t tell you how often stuff like this happens to us. Do I have something written on my forehead that says “Please do say anything of a false nature about me/us.” Holy crap! I think its my age that is putting me at this cross roads in my life. If this would have happened about nine or ten years ago, I would have smiled politely, and allowed the deception to take place because “I know the real truth and I don’t have to prove anything.” I guess I’ve changed…BIG TIME! LOL Lets just say there were a LOT of untruths said about me about ten years ago, and I let them slide. I knew the truth, the truth was on my side right? WRONG! I will never do that again. I will NEVER allow ANYONE to soil my good name for the sake of their self preservation! That’s bullshit. I thought I was taking the high road back then, since the things that was being said was so outrageous it looked like it was for real. LOL I believe it was Adolf Hitler that said that if you are going to lie about something, lie BIG so that it would be believed. How true that is. Some big ass lies where told about me…NEVER AGAIN! Hot Frog should be ashamed of themselves. As a matter of fact, anyone who prints false or misleading information about another party should suffer with a case of scorching himpies! LOL AHAHAH!

It also says there is an EMAIL address…don’t send anything through hotfrog! I don’t even know that email address. Those definitely aren’t our phone numbers either.

Here is the link to what I’m talking about on hotfrog:

Your USA Business Directory

The High Desert Chronicles

PO Box 51595, Albuquerque, NM 87181

Sierra NM

p: 505 323 4006  f: 505 323 4006


About The High Desert Chronicles

  • We actually like appliances and certain modern conveniences
  • Plus, the first time we went through the house we had Simone with us, which made it difficult to concentrate
  • The cavernous hole that seemed never ending in our lives is filling up fast
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