Has it really only been less than a day that we’ve had these little ones? It feels like three days or maybe even a week. We scurried all day yesterday moving things around and finally transitioning the dining room table and chairs to the new location. I wrote about that in an entry sometime ago and I’m glad now that we did transition the dining room. It actually looks pretty nice in its new location and there is a lot more room for the little corral that Dom built. The corral doubles as a brooder right now, but I’m sure that as we get more animals of different sizes, this little corral is going to come in handy! Plus its pretty mobile, so we can take it outside during the day when they get a little older.

Here is a video I took yesterday after I introduced the chicks to the ducklings. It took a little time for them to acclimate to the ducklings. The chicks would stick together and stay separate from the ducklings, but then later in the day they started to mingle and finally cuddled up and fell to sleep with the ducklings. I love to watch the ducklings drink some water and then all the sudden scoot across the brooder as fast as they can. Its like they get all excited and can’t contain themselves. I also love to watch them as they stretch up high and flap their wings and then stretch a leg out.