Sorry Geoff and Ellen, I had to swipe your photo off your blog so my readers could see you guys. Ok, so who are Geoff and Ellen? Well, they are two  heroes in my eyes. Capturing the true pioneering spirit, they set out on a journey to build for themselves a home, start a company, raise a family and be a part of community. Did I miss anything Geoff?
Anyway, I’ve been following their blog Montello Alpaca Company for over a year now, laughing at times and crying as Geoff shared a very private and horrible ordeal with his readers. They built their own earthbag home, raise alpacas and have a streak of hospitality a mile wide going through them. Their warm and inviting personalities make you just want to pack up and move closer to be part of what they are doing. I can tell you that if we weren’t destined to live in New Mexico, we would have definitely moved there!

The reason I’m posting this entry about them is this video they made of Geoff making a guinea pig kill and then roasting it, and then not only eating it himself, but interviewing Ellen as SHE ate a guinea pig for the first time. The film was intimate, Ellen was stunningly gorgeous as always (love the new hair cut!) and Geoff??? Um, well, he did the deed! I couldn’t believe what I was watching. LOL Geoff takes out this little tiny guinea pig, a BIG ASS knife, slits its throat, roasts it and watches his wife eat it. He ate it too. My question Geoff is “Was it at all filling?” You didn’t mention whether it is even worth the kill to eat the guinea pig since its so small.

It got me really thinking about rabbits though. I don’t think I’d eat guinea pig (not enough meat on the bones), but I have been researching meat rabbits. I was amazed at all I found out about them. As we get closer to raising meat rabbits, I’ll be sure to post something about it. For now, I want to leave you all with their video titled “Cuy Cuy Cuy.” Bon appetite!