I usually don’t do more than one post a day, but there have been exceptions to that…this being one of those times. We sheet mulched and planted potatoes today.
The process is quite simple…

  1. Lay out manure on the ground and wet well.
  2. Lay cardboard on top of manure and water well.
  3. Add well aged compost to the top of the cardboard.
  4. Put seed potatoes in place on top of the compost.
  5. Cover potatoes with lots of straw.
  6. Add a layer of compost on top of the straw.
  7. Add some blood and bone meal
  8. Water well
  9. Add another layer of straw and repeat the process a few more times.
  10. After the potatoes start coming up, add more layers of straw and POOF! Potato heaven.

Here are photos of our process:

Awesome! The only thing I have left to do is to lace the straw down. I’ve had to do that for all the straw that I’ve laid around my veggies. The wind is so strong here that it will blow all the straw away for sure. I am taking a chance today in not lacing it up, but tomorrow will be the dead line for securing the straw.