Today my dad showed up at our house bright and early and ready to paint the fence.
On his way to our house, he stopped by the farm store and purchased two Black Sex Linked chicks.

They are just darling little things, peeping, scratching through feed, guzzling water and pooping up a storm.

I wasn’t prepared for the two new surprises. Last week my dad mentioned that he was thinking of getting them for Simmi’s birthday, so we hurried and made a nice little temporary home for our two little peepers.

Simmi adores these little guys and she has shown no signs of being allergic to holding them. I was concerned about that a bit, so when it comes time for them to lay eggs, I’ll need to get her some special gloves to wear so she can handle the eggs  (she is highly allergic to eggs).

These two chicks will be our courtyard chicks and Simmi’s little play friends. We will also be getting her silkies for the courtyard when the small coop is built out there. In the little time I’ve spent with these two little darlings, I’ve seen them eat up a storm, drink like fish, wade through their dish of water like ducks, and they are on the fast track to catching flies.

Yup, one of them actually caught a fly mid flight and was holding it in its beak while the other one was dancing around trying to get it out of the other’s mouth. They fought over the fly until one of them swallowed it.

We then decided to take our little babies outside for a jaunt through the garden just to see what they’d do. They did NOT disappoint in being the cutest things ever. They chased ants, pecked through the mulch and dirt.


Here’s the video we took of them this morning: