Ok, I found this photo and video online and I had to copy it. These are Magpie ducklings. I am on pins and needles just waiting till they arrive next week! In ten days we will have 15 little ducklings to care for. I’m nervous! I’m all giggly inside. I’m all freaked out! LOL I’ve never cared for ducks before, but we are totally willing to learn.
We tried to get some feed online for the ducklings and the price was outrageous for the shipping. We searched locally and found a place down in Belen that has starter duckling feed…needless to say I’m relieved that we can get all we need and not pay $40 or more for shipping.

Update on the Mediterranean garden area…if you click on the photo it will take you to a full size version. I know in the photo its hard to see everything, but the grapes were planted along the long white fence and in the space between each grapevine I’ll be planting hyssop. In all the big empty space in this section I want to plant figs and pomegranate alternating. Using different varieties of pomegranate and figs will create a very nice pattern in an ‘L’ shape around this section of the garden. In the lower left hand corner of this photo it looks like GRASS is growing right? LOL Nope, those are all young tumbleweeds growing up through our gravel as well as around everything I’ve watered. I think at this point we’ve probably pulled millions of tumbleweeds and puncturevine. Today is a weeding day for me.

365 Days of Planting: Day 43

  • Bush Cucumbers
  • Yard Long Beans