Our Magpie ducklings arrived today…a DAY early.
We knew that could happen, but didn’t count on them actually being here today. All that changed this morning at 7:30am when the post office called to let us know that our little ones needed to be picked up.

Vicki went to the post office to pick them up, and she said that as soon as she opened the door she could hear them peeping.

They are the cutest things ever! I can’t believe they hatched out yesterday because they just look so big compared to our little chicks. Each duckling has its own personality. It is truly amazing to see how different each of them are.

When ducklings first arrive, its always good to dip their beaks in water and we had a lot of fun doing that! Holding each one individually is very exciting for some reason. I almost feel the way Simmi feels when she is holding worms or the chicks…she’ll put one down (throw it down) and then pick the next one up and start all over again!

Here are some more photos of our first moments with them: