Yesterday at 2:00pm while I was in my bedroom debating over whether (fighting with myself) I would go back out into the heat to finish off the newly landscaped and planted areas I started the other day, I hear the sound of something clinking….then the rhythm picked up and it was clanking.
Then the clinking got louder. I thought to myself “Is that???! RAIN?” I got this big shit eating grin (I bet I looked like a total dufus ) and opened the door and just stood there giggling…then I laughed.

It started to really pour and then the wind picked up and all I could do was laugh and sit there in total awe. I got my camera to take pictures, but I had to cut them short because the wind picked up and I didn’t want the camera to get wet.

Here are more photos of the rain:

We peeked into our broccoli plants the other day and we saw the sweetest little buds forming! Simone calls broccoli “braca” so of course when she isn’t around we will say “oh look baby braca!” She loves broccoli.

We also found all these little holes (some LARGE holes) in the leaves and upon closer inspection found the culprit…the cabbageworm. I collected them and showed them to Simmi. Simmi was in her glory as she held the soft little green demon in her hand.

She would say “ooo cuuu” which means “Oh, cute!” Then she would proceed to stoke its back with her little finger, and with all the gentleness of a toddler, threw it back into the little bucket and said “I hold? I try?” meaning she wanted to hold another one!

We went through this for about 20 minutes, and that is when I started to smell this nasty smell. I smelled my hands, GROSS! it was the cabbageworm peeing and pooping on my hands…that was truly disgusting!