It has been super hot outside. Is this heat going to kick my ass? Our artichokes seem to love the intense heat and full blazing sun all day. I don’t know if artichokes are fickle or there is misinformation out there about how to grow them, but so far they don’t have any half day shading. I thought for sure they would die within a few weeks of us getting them, but nope…they are holding on strong. I’m the one that’s wilting in the heat!
Today I was able to get some strawbales and do some much needed mulching around the cucumbers, pepper plants, zucchini, and sunflowers. The only thing I had around each of them was wood mulch and they were still drying out too quickly in the intense heat.

I was also going to take the ducklings out to the back courtyard, but the sun is just way too intense for the little cuties. Maybe tomorrow before it heats up too much I’ll bring them out. I did take the chicks out into the garden for a little while this morning, but they just wanted to get up onto the porch.

I need to learn how to work in the high temps. I also need to work smart, getting most of what needs to be done in the early morning hours. My watering schedule is nuts and now it takes almost two hours per day to water everything.

We ordered some Paulownia trees which should be here by next week some time. We need some fast growing shade trees, and I know that the Paulownia trees will bring lots of pleasurable shade!

Here’s a photo of our chicks and ducklings as they grow…in the photo they look so tiny, but we needed to get a much bigger pool for them. They are now double the size of the chicks, eat a little more than a pound of feed a day and drink one and a half gallons of water per day. They all take turns trying to get into the water tray, but now they can only get one leg in the water. They are growing so fast. On Wednesday they will be one week old…amazing!