I’m trying to play catch up with my 365 Days of Planting. I don’t plant every single day right now, but as soon as the weeping hoses are installed I will get back to planting everyday. Right now the watering schedule takes up about 2 hours of my morning, which is the prime time to really plant or do any manual labor. It gets super hot out and with no rain in sight, it may turn out to be a scorcher this summer, with very little relief.
Anyway, here is a follow up of everything that has been planted since June 14th:

  • Sweet potato slips (they didn’t take…all died)
  • A very large patch of potatoes
  • Black seeded Simpson lettuce
  • Lolla Rossa lettuce
  • Red salad bowl
  • Royal Oak leaf
  • Giant Caesar
  • Grand Rapids lettuce
  • Prize leaf lettuce
  • Two Black Star watermelon
  • Two Butternut Squash
  • Six Sand cherry bushes
  • Seven Fig trees
  • Two- Three leaf Sumac shrubs
  • Two- Fern bush
  • More Mammoth sunflowers
  • Petunias
  • Desert Red Bird of Paradise
  • Two Mulberry Trees

Our Paulownia trees shipped out yesterday and should arrive I think tomorrow or Friday. We’ll be planting them next week. Also, our neighbor we get all our horse manure from is digging up his mulberry trees and asked if we wanted them…we said HELL YEAH! I love mulberries.

Our property is really starting to morph into something completely new. I love it. I can’t wait till everything starts to mature and take on a life of its own.

The ducklings turned one month old today. We officially have only one duckling named. When my daughter Hannah was visiting for brunch this past Sunday, she caught the little guy in the photo to the left and started laughing as he/she peeped really loud in protest to being picked up. As she was laughing she said “I think this one’s name should be Frankie!” I asked her, “What if its a girl?” Hannah’s reply to this was “Well that is even more funny then!” So whether Frankie turns out to be a drake or a duck, the name shall stay.

Frankie will actually be a part of our breeding stock.

The ducklings are all getting so big and they are losing their peeping sounds. They are starting to quack and it just sounds so cute.

In about two weeks they will go through a transformation of sorts where they molt their baby feathers to make way for their adult feathers. That should be a treat right? We’ll have feathers everywhere and they will look like true ugly ducklings at that stage.

Betty Complex is going through a similar transformation and instead of looking like “Betty Complex” she is looking more like “Ugly Betty!” LOL