Yesterday in the mail arrived a product called Garden Bon Bons. Vicki was flipping through one of her magazines and spied this little beauty and decided it was a must have.
We often joke about how I don’t do any work, lay around and eat bon bons, while everyone else in the world works soooo damn hard. LOL

Well, with Garden Bon Bons, even though I can’t eat them, I can go to work and “plant” them.

So what are they? They are earth dumplings, seed balls, garden bombs. It really makes a great gift (I’m not being paid to discuss this product). I was impressed with the simple packaging, and the presentation when you open up the box…Watch out Garden Bon Bons, I might be on your tail with a product that will rival yours! LOL Hey, they say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right? Anyway, here are more photos of the Garden Bon Bons:

Photos around the garden:

This is just a weed that pops up all over the place in NM. It must be from the mustard family since I’ve sampled the leaves and blossoms and they taste like a cross between mustard and horseradish. Its a keeper since it isn’t hurting anything in the garden and it looks so pretty.

Okay, see the lettuce in the photo above? Well, I hauled compost, mixed it with love and prepared this awesome little lettuce patch UNDER the trees, and what is this?

This is a red lettuce that is growing in the regular sandy soil where a seed must have dropped out of the package or something. It really shouldn’t be growing here since it is in soil devoid of any kind of nutrient and has full sun must of the day. This is my freako lettuce growing against all odds, all on its own with no help from anyone. Isn’t nature amazing?

So, I guess my next question is…”Why do I even bother to prepare soil, bending, stretching and hauling compost and mulch when garden plants will grow happily without any of it?” LOL That was rhetorical. Is there something special about our soil? I’ve planted sunflowers and lots of other things right in the soil without preparing or putting any effort in, and things just seem to grow no matter what. Well, everything except nasturtium.