It’s raining this morning! Its rained a few times (not enough for the monsoon season) and each time I  just marvel at how beautiful the rain is. A lot of people get depressed in the rain, but I get that cozy, “I want some hot chocolate” feeling. I love looking out side at the grey skies, see the gentle rain falling…it fills me with such delight.

It doesn’t always rain so gently here. Usually we have these gale force winds and torrential down pours that last maybe 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes is all we really need though to start flash floods here. After that, it’s clear beautiful blue skies again. I think people can get depressed when there are clouds over head for days on end and no sunshine to be found. Here, when it is cloudy, it becomes the perfect outdoor work weather. The sun is so intense here that any cloud cover, no matter how minute, will bring relief. The only thing I’m not fond of is when it rains at 2:00-3:00pm briefly and then the sun comes out to fry the tender young leaves in the garden. We are partially prepared for this year’s monsoon season. I say partially because we still have one more large swale to dig, we need to put trenches in around the front of the house to get it ready for being planted, we hope to install gutters next year to catch all this awesome rain, and we still need to build our cisterns for catching it all. The cisterns will be very large and partially under ground on either side of the front entrance. On top of the cisterns will be a very large gorgeous deck that will go almost 2/3’s of the house and extend out about fifteen feet. On top of the full deck will be a pergola that will hold lots of grapevines. Our plans for building the deck and pergola came after sitting in the living room at 4:00pm when the sun is so intense and blaring through our windows. The pergola and grapevines will shade all the windows in the front of the house and bring relief from the late day sun.

I don’t know how long it will gently rain, but now is the most opportune time (6:00am) to be outside working…especially when it rains! Often when it rains that becomes the topic of conversation between neighbors. LOL I love going out and seeing my neighbor mow his lawn in the rain or do other work. The smiles it brings in the high desert is priceless.

I’m going out to smile in the rain…