My youngest baby girl Shoshannah turned 16 years old today. Shoshie has grown into a beautiful young woman and her beauty inside and out just gets sweeter by the day. Her heart is filled with love for God, her hands reach out to those in need, her eyes gaze lovingly to the less fortunate with compassion, and with her ears she hears a calling from God. She’s listening. She’s amazing. Wouldn’t you say?
Happy Birthday my Shoshie Girl, I love you so much. Thank you for being who you are…I’m very proud of you! I miss you.

I can’t believe you are already 16 years old. I remember when you were just a little thang, not much bigger than Simmi, and you would follow me around with “nana” in hand and thumb in the mouth. If I turned around, you would pull that thumb out of your mouth and just smile at me. No words needed to be said. Of course I always had to ask you back then, “Shoshie, when are you going to stop sucking your thumb?” and your reply was always “On Tuesday!” You were my little shadow. I’m glad you grew out of that phase though, because that would be pretty awkward if you were 16 years old, with “nana” in hand,  thumb in mouth, following me around.

I asked you some time ago what kind of tree you’d like planted in honor of your birthday, and you told me the nectarine. We purchased a gorgeous nectarine tree called…”Rose Princess Nectarine” I thought it was perfect since your name means a rose or flower. Anyway Dom and I planted a tree for you.

Here are some photos of your tree:

In the center is the Rose Princess Nectarine. It is surrounded by six shrubs called Firepower Nandina and one three leave sumac. These bushes will turn fire red in the fall.