I SWEAR this cucumber was NOT on the vine yesterday. Each morning and most evenings I walk through the gardens checking each and every plant for signs of problems, beastly bugs, and just for the hell of it. I love walking around inspecting everything. Usually nothing escapes my prying eyes, but how the hell did I miss such a HUGE Armenian cucumber? Each morning I’m out there squishing cucumber beetles with my fingers, looking for damage, checking out the baby cucumbers, but where did this one come from? This cucumber is more than a foot long! This particular cucumber is not ready to eat yet, but how much bigger do you think it will get? LOL I’ve seen pictures of Armenian cucumbers bigger than a toddler!

This is one of my son Noah’s pepper plants…check out that gorgeous pepper!

Our sunflower decided to show its pretty face today.

Introducing our first drake…(I think its a boy, I could be wrong! LOL) We’ve named him Ferdinand. The photo below is a full body shot of him.