Why can’t our ducks be Lords of the flies? I wish I had a way to count the number of flies we have around the duck house, because the buzzing sound is so loud you can hear it before you ever get to the duck pen. I thought ducks were supposed to be great foragers! Actually, they are great foragers its just that I don’t think they can keep up with the amount of flies there are. The other night I only put a little food in their house and a full tank of water, and when I opened the duck house in the morning only a few flies actually came out. BUT by afternoon the numbers had to be in the hundreds if not thousands.
On Saturday we went to the feed store and picked up fly traps, but we are finding the odor that comes out of the fly traps to be as offensive as the flies themselves. You would think with such a strong smell, the flies would be in fly heaven, but instead they are very content making maggot babies in our duck house!

I have to clean out the duck house every other day, as well as dump the duck water. Its a process that takes about three hours to do. I can not wait till the pond is finished and we have the permanent duck house built. The courtyard is ideal for them right now because they don’t have to worry about goatheads in their feet, the pen and house can be swept out as well as washed down with a hose, and they have lots of shade.

Dom is planning on finishing the duck pond during his vacation in August. The pond liner hasn’t been ordered yet, but we’ll be using something pretty cool…vinyl billboard signs! They are recycled for use in ponds and other types of projects.