Our kitchen is a work in progress. (click the photos to see full size) I’m still not done with everything, but I thought I’d share an update on it so far. We refaced the cabinets, added new hardware, painted the cabinets a gorgeous red, added a stainless steel and glass hood and also a stainless steel table. Honestly, I don’t know how we got along in our kitchen without that table! We added new light fixtures, a stainless steel shelf unit where we now have room for the microwave and pots and pans.

The things left to do in the kitchen are:

Finish painting around the base of the cabinets, paint the ovens (we have a high gloss stainless steel paint for the oven), add our spice jars to the side of the oven casing, shelving in the large round window for herbs, and add our coffee station shelving. We’ll be switching over to the french press and also roasting our own beans for the coffee…I can’t wait!

Here is a photo of what the kitchen used to look like:

And this one:

Its hard to believe that this is the same kitchen! Here are some more photos of the kitchen now:

Not sure if you can see it, but the curtains are being suspended from a set a William Sonoma Botanical Bee napkin rings. LOL I fell in love with those little things, and then after they arrived, I was surprised that their little tails actually wiggle.

Update, more things were added since this publishing this post:

A dishwasher was installed

Open shelf pantry

We added shelves on the side of the oven casing to store all our spices

Coffee station was added

Measuring cups and spoons added to save space