About a month ago, Dom broke the cooktop accidentally while straining some rendered fat into a glass crock for storage. He went to pick up the crock and it slipped out of his hands and broke the cooktop. Since I was skiddish about using the right two burners, we opted only to use the large and small burner to the left until we found the right cooktop that would fit our counter opening and that was similar to the cooktop we had. That isn’t easy to find since glass cooktops cost a HUGE amount of money. Everything we looked at was between $600-$1500.00 and we needed a 36 inch to fit. It was going to take a miracle to find something inexpensive.
While looking through craigslist, we found an Amana to replace the one that was already in the house when we moved in. This one was very nice, had a little stainless steel to compliment our range hood, and had a price tag of $250.00. Not bad right!? The owner was nice enough to take it to a reputable appliance store to have it tested for us and we were able to get the approval of the store in writing that it was in good working order. We bought it and it sat in the house for three weeks, that is, until today! I was so excited that Dom made that the priority this morning. Here are a few more photos:

Yes the cooktop was STILL in the box. The previous owners took very good care of it while they used it for only a few months, and then changed their minds and went with another model. The cooktop sat in the box for a few years. It was impeccably clean and well cared for.

After taking the cooktop out, we were faced with the nasty, grimy disgusting crap that was hanging out underneath! It was so gross. Whoever installed the cooktop never bothered to put high heat silicone around the edge to seal it and keep the dirt out.

Are you digging the old shelf paper in my drawer? Yes those are strawberries. I haven’t gotten around to lining the drawers yet. I’m always amused when I open the drawer though…I don’t know why.

This is the new cooktop straight out of the box before I even cleaned it.

Dom connecting the stove. See the inside of the cabinet door? Yes that is what the kitchen cabinets used to look like.

Smoothing the bead of high heat silicone.

After Dom connected everything, we tested it and everything worked perfectly. We’re very pleased that we found such a treasure on craigslist! I’m also happy that I can work with more than two burners again. On the agenda for today (in no particular order) is taking care of the angora rabbitry roof, more garden clean up, some maintenance and spraying down the courtyard.