On November 6, 2011 we made our first laundry detergent which worked out really well for us. We made a second batch playing the measurements, and still, it was great. Then we decided to venture into other recipes and soaps. Big mistake! Wow was our detergent a flop. Wanna know which soap we used? Ivory. Yuck, yuck and a triple yuck. I could never tolerate the smell or feel of Ivory soap to begin with, so when Dom brought home the bars, I thought I’d be open minded about it and indulge that man in my life who makes my life so amazingly happy. He was beaming and glowing as if with child as he opened that first bar of Ivory soap. He grated it with pride, carefully added all the ingredients and did the first load. Can you say “ewwww” with me?
It wasn’t Dom’s fault, lets be clear about that. It was the Ivory. It doesn’t dissolve like Kiss My Face brand soap. The Ivory shavings just float on top of the water, barely get anything at all clean and the smell? Gross! I couldn’t wait till we were done with that batch so we could make our original detergent. As the detergent came to an end, we still had a few bars of Ivory as well as about five bars of Fels-Naptha soap. We’ve changed our minds on trying Fels-Naptha after hearing that it was a petroleum based soap. We’ll be returning it back to the store. Besides, that soap smells horrible! Scents can be very strong to my nose, or very weak. But there is nothing worse than having a laundry detergent that both lacks a nice scent AND can’t clean the laundry at all.

The other night Dom brought home Kiss My Face Olive Oil Lavender soap and I was so happy. I decided to tweak the recipe a bit from Dom’s original recipe. Why? Because I wanted more scent. I love how clean everything gets, but the scent is so faint its almost non-existent and if I need to be reminded of the Ivory debacle I’m not going to be happy.

I decided to change the amount of soap I used in this version, which I humorously call “Kiss My Ass” Laundry detergent! Why? Because Ivory soap can kiss it!

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