In a few days the ducklings will be three weeks old. This morning when I went to take photos of all the seedlings, Dom and I noticed them all standing at the front of the brooder looking up at me.

I cracked a smile and said, “Look at how they are all standing there looking at me Dom!” Then he says, “Well, I think they might be really hungry since their feeder is empty.” AHAHAHAHAHH!*laughing HARD*

I turned the camera towards them to capture this priceless moment, when they all seemed to understand that we feed and care for them.

A very short video of them eating this morning:

I thinned out the tomato plants, and this is what they looked like before thinning:

And after thinning:

Ahh, that’s better!

Other things are growing as well:

Pickling cucumbers


Red cardoon and purple artichokes

Sweet peppers three weeks late!

Huckleberry and eggplant

These are all duck eggs, from the largest to the smallest. They are all becoming larger now that the weather is warming up. Its interesting also how they vary in color. Whether the eggs are large or small, one thing always seems to remain the same, and that is the size of the yolk. Okay, well that last egg on the right is probably a wind egg or fart egg, so I don’t imagine much is going on with the yolk.