Plant Something: Transplanted plants that had true leaves

Harvest Something: Simone harvested a handful of cilantro growing outside in her play area, and 55 eggs.

Preserve Something: Nothing this week

Waste Not: We’re collecting all 2 liter soda bottles to create the base of the duck house.

Want Not: Praying Mantis egg cases were placed strategically in two orchards to combat aphids, cucumber beetle (eating all our leaves off trees and plants), stink bugs and other pests. There are 200 eggs per case.

Eat the Food: Chocolate cake, yummy pork shoulder roasted with onions, garlic and butternut squash, homestyle Alice Spring Chicken (Dom used to work at Outback so he knows how to make it just right!), lots of eggs, salads.

Build Community Food Systems: Gina moved back home to help create product lines to bring to market, as well as overseeing the greenhouse production, farmers market, and learning how to garden.

Skill Up: This week we carried the greenhouse in windy weather over to its final position. Dom scurried about since he only had one day off this week and we had a very narrow time allotment for securing the greenhouse. Its still not done, but for the most part its secure.

Organize: Organization this week had to do with spring cleaning and getting everything put back in its proper place. Also Noah and Gina have been organizing all the tools to get them ready for their new tool closet, aka the pantry. We also moved the ducklings out into the courtyard.