Update: If you’re interested in also regrowing green onions, I’ve added a post about how we did it.Ā Click here to see how!Ā 

Not too long ago after posting photos of our celery seedlings, a conversation was struck about growing celery.

A friend online told me of how I could grow celery from the stump of the discarded bottoms.

Intrigued by the amazing possibilities, I researched some links she gave me and last week started our own celery.

The photo to the left I took today. Its one week old and look at all that celery growing up.

I left my celery bottoms a little longer than others that are regrowing celery, and next I’ll be experimenting with shorter bottoms.

Half of the base is submerged in water, and when the celery has roots, you can plant it out in the garden.

How cool is that…right?!

Over this last week, the celery hasn’t been in direct sunlight, but instead just sat in the window.

I have two more packs of celery that I’ll be rooting also. If you’d like to try growing celery, I suggest you buy organic celery. Conventional grown celery has an insane amount of chemicals and pesticides in it.

Here are are a few more photos from the bottoms, and hopefully you’ll be able to see some of the new roots forming.