I sometimes feel that our projects are never ending. There is so much to do here and not enough time, man power, energy or will. It’s easy to get caught up in all that needs to be done, and so forget that we are mere humans.

Anyone that works outside in the high desert knows the affects the intense sun can have on us. Being at a higher elevation, doing hard labor is draining and dehydrating.

If you’ve seen the classic funny movie National Lampoon’s Vacation, well, I’m referring to the scene where Clark has to cross the desert to find help for his family after a car accident.

We’re not in an accident, but tired and thirsty, and the growing season is just under way!

Over six hours were spent sheet mulching the garden beds yesterday, and I can tell you that today…I’m dreading going outside.

There are only a few beds left to lay, and another project will be complete, but then I think of all that still needs to be done:

  • Weeding (insane weeds abound here)
  • Lots of planting
  • The pond
  • The duck house
  • The main chicken coop
  • A Chicken tractor
  • Finish repairing the greenhouse
  • Build a business website
  • Design our new logo
  • Interior projects
  • More tree planting
  • Attempting a mass cutting project from our trees and other perennials to propagate more trees

And its only May. I feel crazy sometimes.

Until Dom gets all the water lines laid in the different gardens, it takes me about two hours to water. I’ve had to break up the watering schedule into different days since I can’t be outside watering everything each day. There are trees that are still becoming established and I need to water them each week and other things that I direct seeded that are just coming up.

My biggest issues is with the red ants. They display some of the most greedy tendencies I have ever witnessed. LOL

Yes, red ants are greedy, hoarding, ambitious little creatures who only take for themselves. Have you any idea how much seed I directly planted outside? Each day I go outside, I find seed being hauled away by these red devils!

I’m having a little war with them right now, and I’m determined to win (whine). All day long they take and give nothing except false hope and expectation of a great growing season. Then, nothing grows and I’m mystified for awhile. It finally dawned on me that these little buggers are stealing what we have and storing it away like some stingy old man.

Red ants are an agricultural nightmare! I will say one thing in the defense of ants, if there were ever a time when the world lacked seeds to grow food, just dig a little into the ant’s massive stores and collections, and you will eat like a king.