Today was an extremely long day. The sun has been intense, the labor intense, the weeding intense…geez! I’m exhausted.

While Noah watched Simone for us, Dom, Gina and I went to work sheet mulching. Okay, well, mostly it was Gina and Dom, since I was circulating from watering trees and seedlings, to weeding and also helping them with the garden beds.

As of today, eight long garden beds have been laid.

Tomorrow we have a lot to plant:

  • 8 new crab apple trees for the chicken pasture
  • 2 Sea Buckthorn
  • 2 Elderberry
  • 2 Lilac
  • Lots and lots of huckleberries

We’ll also be setting out a bunch of tomato plants to harden off on the front porch. The nice thing about the front porch is that the sun is blazing on it for a few hours before the sun sets, which warms the bricks and then gently radiates heat through the night.

Below is what’s left of our compost:

The compost heap originally extended all the way out beyond the tarps onto the gravel. We’re trying to be sparing with the compost since we still have a lot more to plant. šŸ™