The current theme of our lives is change. Always changing, growing, stretching and learning. Okay, also yearning, but that’s beside the point.
Our household shifted when Vicki moved up north a bit to NW Albuquerque.

With her moving on to new and more interesting things, we did a little hustling to move stuff around.

Vicki’s bedroom became our master bedroom, as well as the master bath.

Dom and I had made plans to make the finished basement our bedroom, but with the change in events, the master bedroom opened up for us.

I’ve changed color schemes so many times it can make anyone’s head spin…especially mine.

We’re not in a position to paint the master bedroom the color we want right now, so we need to just let the color be, and work with it.

There isn’t anything wrong with the color, it’s just not for us.

Dom and I had our bedroom in the basement for awhile, and also in a room we call “the all purpose room.”

Both of those rooms lacked any real light. Both rooms had very small upper windows at the top of the walls, and the basement was just…dark.

As I write this, I’m sitting in our new room, with full light streaming in from a large picture window. Since moving into our room we haven’t closed the curtains once.

There is nothing more beautiful than full light streaming through the windows, regardless of the time of day, and if I had my choice I would always prefer no curtains or blinds rather than leave the light out.

I love how the morning sun shines in and hits us while we sleep, unless we’re already up for the day.

So that was big change number one.

  • Change #2-Ā  is Gina deciding to move back to Albuquerque too. My home is always open to my kids coming home for different amounts of time. She was going to help with the garden, rabbits and greenhouse, but changed her mind.
  • Change #3-Ā  is Noah going to NJ for two weeks. He left this morning.
  • Change #4- Dom going to NY for his brother’s wedding. I wish I could have been there too. We’re limited on where we can go with Simone, so it’s either him or me that gets to travel.

Attrition is interesting. Usually we’re increasing our numbers, but now, it’s gonna be just me and Simmi for a while. Okay, yes I’m being a drama queen, four days without Dom isn’t bad, but still, that’s a little too weird. There have been only a few times Dom has had to leave, and that was to go to a wedding.

The first wedding was a few years ago when his brother Andrew got married, and now his brother Bryan is getting married. Below is the happy couple…

Congratulations Bryan and Kerri!

At this time last year:

My dad painted the shed for us. Also the area that he’s sitting is now occupied by a nectarine tree, tri-leaf sumac,lots of garlic and plenty of squash plants. Also the fig trees and Western Sand cherry bushes weren’t planted yet.

Below was taken this year:

Dom made a handy make-shift grill to cook up goodies for Father’s Day.

The next day on June 20th, the Magpie ducklings and chicks were moved outside…for good. šŸ˜‰