My little girl is growing up so fast. She usually doesn’t like to come out in the morning to help me with the animals, but this morning she decided it was time to send the ducks and chickens running for the hills.

Yep! She loves chasing them around, making them quack and panic. Simmi squeals with delight watching them waddle around, so what better way than to start running at them. She hasn’t learned to be calm and slow with them because making them run or fly is so much more fun!

Managing her life threatening food allergies is a daily challenge, especially when it comes to helping with the animals. Not too long ago Simone picked up a duck egg and accidentally cracked it open. Egg oozed out onto her hand and within 15 minutes she had hives all over her body. She’s that sensitive!

I have to keep both eyes on her at all times while outside because she wants to help put the eggs in the basket when I collect them. This is something we can’t allow anymore, so we’ve given her another activity, helping to fill the feed bins.

Feed for the ducks and chickens also contain things she’s allergic to, but so far she’s only gotten mild rashes from touching the dry mix.

She is such a treasure to us. Simmi is filled with such excitement, wonder, and innocent sweetness that it’ll make anyone smile. She’s just too precious for words.