Almost 6 pounds of grapes. They are tiny little things this year, but sweet as can be. This is the first year of harvesting grapes and peaches. I never really mentioned our nectarines because there were only a few on the tree. But let me tell you, they were possibly the sweetest nectarines I have ever eaten. None of our family has ever tasted a nectarine off the tree, ripe and soft. The nectarines at the store are large and almost tasteless. Not these!

I’m looking forward to next year’s harvest!

The last of our peaches. Almost 4 pounds. Unfortunately there weren’t enough to can. Okay, so we ate them all before we had a chance to can them, but isn’t that the way is should be? Hopefully next year we’ll have so many peaches that we can give some away, keep some to eat fresh AND finally can some up for the winter. 😉

Plastic Purge #3

A very lovely family bought our living room Retro Chairs. They will be reupholstering them and getting rid of the fake plastic leather. I hope they’ll stay in touch and send along pictures of the newly finished chairs.