With the presidential election coming upon us soon, I thought this would be a good time to ask you to convince me to vote for your candidate.

Here’s the rules:

No talking about abortion. Abortion is not a talking point, and is highly divisive.
No talking about marriage being between and woman and a man.

Instead, tell me why your candidate is the person for the job and why. It can not bash any other candidate. This has to be purely about your candidate and why I should vote for him/her.

Follow the contribution trail:

There are certain candidates that have accepted donations from the Koch Brothers. If your candidate has accepted money from the Koch Brothers, I will not vote for that candidate. You can still tell me why I should vote for your candidate however.

Which leads me to the next question:

I’m leaning towards voting for Gary Johnson, and my second favorite candidate is Jill Stein. Anyone got the juice on whether they are supported by the Koch Brothers?

If they are, please supply links to your research.

If you’re thinking about voting for a third party candidate, who are you voting for, and why?

I’ll be closing comments on this post on November 7th, so be sure to leave a comment before then.



Lets keep this as respectful as possible, since I really don’t talk about politics much. Insulting, trolling, picking a fight, or baiting another commenter will not be tolerated, and anything I feel is offensive, will be deleted and NOT published.