Over the weekend, Dom and I were discussing the next steps we’re taking to get aquaponics up and running.

In other posts, I’ve talked about our desire to not just step away from using plastic in our aquaponic system, but also to think about how we can get the things we need for free or very inexpensive.

I’m happy to say that we’ve reached 60% of our material needs, and now its only the little bits and pieces, odds and ends that need to be acquired.

Before everything is acquired for the greenhouse, we’ll be setting up the two little fish tanks we already have and making a mini-aquaponic system out on the sun porch.

Originally we were going to have tilapia in the tanks, but instead, we decided to have gold fish and guppies, and use the fish to feed the ducks.

Initially we’ll use the galvanized tank we have, but we’ll be building an earthbag tank and then add tilapia, fresh water prawns and maybe crayfish to the mix.

Things would go a lot faster if we just purchased things, but, we just don’t have the money to shell out for our projects. Our money is being utilized in other ways (household bills), which leaves the rest of the needs up to being resourceful. Unlearning “money is the answer for everything” is difficult. But if we’re patient, things do begin to change in our lives. Its not easy, and it takes a lot of discipline and a huge amount of questions to figure out how to make these projects work with no money.

We’ve become so accustomed to believing that we need money, that no creativity flows. But now? 60% of the materials have fallen in our laps, and all we can do is be grateful for the opportunity to think critically.