I’m simply amazed. There isn’t any real way to share the feelings deep inside of me concerning primal eating. I thought for sure by now I would have succumb to the temptations of having potatoes, pasta, or a little bread, or even a dessert, but it hasn’t happened. “Never say Never” is always in the back of my mind, so I try not to be rigid and unyielding when it comes to eating this way. Needless to say, it hasn’t been difficult for Dom and I to eat primal and keep to it 100%.
My energy started surging last Thursday and it hasn’t stopped since. I haven’t done anything different, and attribute it to being in ketosis. I’ve never been in ketosis before these last few weeks, so each day is truly a unique experience that I look forward to.

I wake up refreshed, and my mind is clear and charged for the day. I don’t feel groggy, and my bones don’t ache nearly as much as they used to. Usually getting up on a cold morning would be painful and difficult. I just attributed it to having arthritis and getting older. But now the pain is gone, with only a small ache remaining (this week), and I am almost positive that the next few weeks will bring total relief to my joints.

Dom has been thrilled beyond all expectations about my very fast recovery. We were talking on Sunday about all the energy I have and how I just don’t seem to stop. By the end of the day after putting Simone to bed for the night, I’m still going for at least another few hours until I stop myself.

I never expected this to happen to me, but I’m definitely not complaining.

When we ventured out to pick up our Christmas tree and headed to the park, I never thought I’d find myself fooling around on the basketball court, throwing a ball, and running after a run away ball. Normally I would have been sitting on the bench, taking photos and trying not to think of my bones in the cold weather.

In the past, if I would have ventured out to play ball,Ā  the first few steps would have resulted in the collapse of my body dropping like a ton of bricks without warning. I don’t attribute not collapsing however, to the primal diet, but to eating more healthy over this last year. I’ve been able to chase chickens and ducks without falling or collapsing, and that was the first indicators that I was healing. I would suffer for the next few days in bed if I chased anything, or did anything out of the ordinary that involved exerting myself.

Arthritis is a bitch! But not anymore. The aches are so small that I can just shake it off and keep moving.

The same goes at home. I used to be able to clean or move around in small spurts, with long rest and recovery times. Now? It doesn’t even cross my mind to sit down and relax. I don’t need it.

When it’s time to go to bed, I do have some achy spots in my lower back and knees, but it’s not painful in the least. I’m starting to sleep more soundly and my dreams are more vivid AND I remember them.

My hives still continue, but they are less frequent and less painful than they used to be. I do still take Benadryl at night, but as the itching decreases, I’m hoping to also reduce the amount of Benadryl I take until I don’t have to take it at all.

I was going to drop dairy to see if that was causing the hives, but since the pain is greatly reduced, I’m just going to continue what I’m doing until they go away completely.

So far I’ve lost 14 pounds and dropped a dress size. That’s like icing on the cake! I haven’t tried to lose any weight, it’s just coming off.

Since I have so much energy and my bones aren’t in pain, I’m considering getting on the treadmill. I have to do something to work out this energy! My guess is that if I got on the treadmill, I’d just end up with more energy. šŸ˜‰