Creating goals for a modern homestead are important. It helps us to focus on what’s important, and categorize things that we feel are a priority.
In 2012 we had a huge goal list all jumbled together, and as we completed goals, I just scratched them off the list. Each year I’ll post the new goals on the “Homesteading” page of our site.

Things that are crossed off were completed. Some things have dates, others do not.

This year I’ll be adding the priorities to each of our goals. When I made my list last year, I didn’t account for changes in household or if Dom needed to get a second job (he started a second job last month).

Changes in income affect how much we can accomplish, but part of an essential goal for 2013 is to find ways of attaining everything we need for free via craigslist and freecycle. A good example of putting these sites to work involved getting a perfectly good blue ray disc player for free. Yup, there wasn’t anything wrong with it, the people just upgraded to a new model and were getting rid of the old one. There is no way we would ever purchase a blue ray player…it’s just not that important to us. But if it were free? Yes please!

Anyway, Dom and I will be sitting down on his day off so we can make our official list of goals for 2013. Here are some that we will be working towards:

  • Finish small aquaponic greenhouse
  • Build permanent duck house and habitat
  • Complete six top bar beehives
  • Finish large chicken coop
  • Add 150 Salmon Faverolles (dual purpose chicken)
  • Continue working on improving home interior
  • Build hugelkulturs
  • Purchase an OLD 1947 dump truck (because it doesn’t get cooler than that! LOL)
  • Propagate 100 fruit trees from our fruit tree stock
  • Build a Walipini greenhouse

This is just a partial list, but in the week to come after we’ve written everything down, I’ll post it.

2013 is going to be an amazing year!