Bus ticket paid for- check.
Hotel room paid for-check.

Rental car ready for pickup- check.

Primal foods list compiled- check.

So what’s the problem? Well, as you may have guessed, a blizzard aka Winter Storm Rocky, has blown through the panhandle of Texas, and other parts of the states where I am supposed to be traveling through.

As of today, Greyhound has already cancelled a bunch of routes. Of course that doesn’t mean that anything will be cancelled for Feb 28-March 2nd, but looking at how the blizzard has unleashed its white fury on the region, I don’t see how the roads will be clear enough to travel at 4:00am on Thursday morning. To complicate things further, the winter storm is traveling east…just like I would be.

I’ll be watching carefully over the next 24 hours, but at this point it’s looking doubtful that I will be able to go to see my Shoshie Girl in her senior play.

I may be strangely silent over this next week if I don’t get on that bus. I can already feel the sadness welling up inside me, and it’s not something I wish to lament publicly about.

If I get on the bus, you’ll be hearing from me throughout my trip…if I don’t get on that bus, I’ll be home crying and depressed that I won’t get to see Shoshie until her graduation, and I will have missed her final high school play. šŸ™