I’ve had a lot of fun over this last week testing various sheep cheese products. Dom brought home some Hallumi cheese to try, and I had no adverse reactions or illness from it. Yesterday I took a ride to Whole Foods for more sheep milk cheeses, and still have had no issues with intolerance. So far I’ve tried French feta, Manchago, Ricotta Ensalada, and Pecorino Romano without any issues.

My next test will come next week after I try sheep yogurt, and beyond that, the ultimate test will be drinking raw sheep milk.

It has been really exciting to find out that I can tolerate sheep cheese.

Another thing I’ve tested myself for through elimination, and then adding it back into my diet is pork. I’ve found that I have a huge sensitivity to pork products. It was truly a sad day! I love pork. I’m highly allergic to cats, and it seems that there is something called Cat-Pork Syndrome. The problems I have with pork involve edema and intense itching. When I take pork products out of my diet, and then a few weeks later add it back, the itching becomes horrible and I get hives.

This led me on a quest to find out if other types of meat could be made into bacon, and it turns out that beef can be made into succulent bacon. We plan on curing our own beef bacon, as well as lamb bacon. We can make lots of aged meats without the use of pork…thank god!

On a fun note, I’ve been in touch with a few sheep breeders, and it looks like we have a plan developing for creating a new dairy sheep. Our plans continue to evolve and mature, and we are thrilled about the possibilities.

More to come on that one!