IMG_0090We didn’t know we’d be taking the house off the market back in August when I normally would have put in an order for garlic. A lot of organic heirloom sites sell out of their garlic by September, so I just decided to get some organic garlic bulbs from the store instead.

It’s never to late to plant garlic, although I did play with planting them one year in February to see what would happen. We did get a harvest, but the bulbs were on the small side.

Dom and I decided we’ll plant them on Christmas this year. We won’t be celebrating Christmas until Saturday the 28th. It changes from year to year depending on what my kids have going on. He and I will be planting not only garlic, but also different flower bulbs.

Here’s what they look like and a description from Holland Bulb Farms…click any of the flower photos to be taken to Holland Bulb Farm flower page:


“The bright purple flowers of the Striped Squill (Puschkinia Libanotica) are one of the very first of the spring blooming bulbs to brighten up the landscape. They carry a slight sweet fragrance and work great for mass planting and naturalizing. Try planting these in your “hard to grow” lawn areas for a nice groudcover effect!”


“Bumblebee Delight is an adorable table iris which grows 20″ but is a vigorous grower and bloomer. Yellow standards are accented by deep maroon falls that are highlighted with white streaks. Bumblebee Delight is considered a table iris due it’s short stature it makes an excellent cut flower for center table pieces.”


“The golden yellow petals of the Cilesta Double Tulip almost appear to have been drenched in red paint with certain fingers of the red color reaching the very top of the petal edge. Double tulips have large long lasting blooms that are excellent cut flowers. Double tulips are often called peony tulips.”


These delightful, vibrant red tulips are sure to be the highlight of your garden! Known for their colossal blooms and reliable perennializing abilities, these ‘Red Apeldoorn’ Darwin Hybrid Tulips will not disappoint you! Producing blooms on top of extremely sturdy stems, these flowers are great for fresh floral arrangements as well.