If you like having green onions available at all times like we do, then regrowing green onions is the solution for you! It’s so easy to grow them you’ll wonder why you keep buying them at the store. Seriously, how many times have you purchased green onions, only to forget about them since they got shoved all the way behind the uneaten lettuce and lonely cucumber? I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s happened to.

Anyway, you can have perpetual green onions growing in a little mason jar, sitting on your window sill for months. We’ve had the same green onions in the photo since the beginning of January. They’re green, vibrant, and as soon as you clip the greens, more will grow back in its place. The roots keep growing too.

I change out the water whenever I see it getting a little murky or discolored. Who wants to drink dirty water anyway? I have about three bunches of onions in one jar, and two bunches in another jar. They do drink a LOT of water, so just check the jars every morning to make sure they have enough to drink. I usually try to add water right up to the rubber band that holds them together. If you take the rubber band off the bunch, you’ll have floppy onions that don’t stay up.

When I cut the green onions, I usually cut the whole bunch together right at the rim of jar, so I don’t have to take the onions out of the jar. They’ll happily grow back for you again, and again, and again. I suppose that after a few months they’ll start to become a little yellow from only being in water. If that happens to mine, I’ll plant them in some soil and see if I can continue harvesting these little green gems.

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